Americans are the

Americans are the victims of massive lobbying by industries that have something at stake in maintaining the status quo. And the government, colluding with the moneyed interests, works against its own constituents. When he complained, the officials „responded that there are some parts of American history children didn’t need to know about.”.

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For people who work for small employers there is both good and bad news, according to a study done for the state Department of Health Services. About half of small employers, 53 percent, will see average increases of 15 percent, but the other 47 percent will see cost reductions averaging 16 percent. Employers will decide how much in costs or savings to pass along to employees..

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In addition to the joints wearing out, the cement that holds the joints into existing bones of the leg, pelvis and other spots can crack and fail. Among the possible solutions is a new coating for implants that induces bone to quickly grow around the metal stem, eliminating the need for bone cement. A team at MIT is developing the thin films of growth factors..

Another attempt to restrict our freedom and infantalise using the standpoint of biased or bee in the bonnet groups So long as the alcohol level in any given drink is clear there should be no problem the sensible person will drink less and in the cheap jerseys insensible person will not worry. From amateur speed gunners to the RSPB we have far too many lobby groups with an axe to grind gaining the ear of law making bodies. The police officers in the photo should be disciplined.

The thing that Reich will never get is that without the massive government that we have to make and enforce the rules, the mega rich and large corporations would have far less ability to defend themselves against upstart companies and individuals that pose a threat to them. For example, there were 115 different governing entities overseeing the banking industry on the eve of the 2008 collapse. Would 116 or 117 made the difference? Would it have been better if there were no government agencies giving the illusion of protection forcing people to think about their saving and investment for themselves? Which would have allowed for the easy creation of alternative companies that could have marketed themselves based on a more conservative approach to banking.