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Cape Town’s gleaming airport, spruced up for the 2010 World Cup, it is clear that for this week,cheap ray bans at least, the bike rules. Even three days before the race, cyclists zip along every road, weaving in between the city centre traffic jams. For my first night I stay at Protea Hotel Breakwater Lodge, a redeveloped 19th century prison just a two minute pedal from the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, where my fellow guests seem almost entirely made up of cyclists..

That’s never truer than in the sequence where Franklin goes to bed tired and wakes up unable to use his legs. Ward, like Franklin, is a survivor of polio and when Ward shows up on camera to describe how Franklin must have felt, it’s a searingly raw, honest moment. Coming right after Herrmann’s impersonation of Franklin, it’s a hauntingly potent one two punch..

If you’re someone who usually runs early enough in the morning that you see your own breath, then it doesn’t matter what the season is these men’s tights will make your run so much more comfortable. In fact, they offer so much more warmth and protection for your leg muscles, that you may find it even easier to get up and go knowing that your calves aren’t going to freeze. You won’t want to wear them during the middle of a summer’s day, but for any other time they offer great comfort, and 360 degree reflectivity at the ankles to help you stay visible at night..

Tools Required for the job (see second photo): 1. Hex Wrench (size may vary between derailleurs) 2. Screwdriver (usually 2 Phillips or straight blade) 3. Circ saws also tend to be incredibly lightweight, versatile, portable, and comfortable to use. Of course there are certain specialty saws that may do it a little better than a standard circular saw, but none that do it all so conveniently. Its portability, versatility, and compact size make the circular saw a wonder tool for virtually everyone.

Matched filtered acoustic data from each M AUE were then processed to yield the two dimensional (2D) locations of the vehicles in latitude and longitude. This was then combined with the vehicle’s measured depth to yield tracks of position in depth, latitude and longitude. The tracking is essentially an underwater analogue to GPS localization using a probabilistic framework.

The Asylum produces a lot of original movies say what you will about The Coed And The Stoner Zombie, it’s not a rip off. But they’re most famous for their mockbusters: Movies made to directly rip off current hits and, hopefully, con well meaning grandparents into buying them as gifts. I’m talking about films like Transmorphers ..