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competitive cycling is his first priority at the World Masters Games. oakley outletMiller recently tried out the new Cambridge indoor track on a borrowed bike „It was 30 years old” and discovered fellow masters riders whizzing past him on the latest equipment. He knew he had to be more serious..

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I’m more confident on the crutches and even manage to cook a meal. The great outdoors is still calling though, Ken the dog and I are longing to go outside for some fresh air.Day 12: A check up at the hospital and the designated day for me to return to my house, I’m confident enough now to be home alone.Day 12 45: Being home presents a new set of challenges, it’s difficult to carry anything on crutches so if I want a brew I have to drink it at the kitchen worktop. There’s not much housework I can do so my other half has to do it all.Bathing and showering are a challenge but it gets easier the more I do it.I still get upset sometimes, particularly when my injury prevents me from doing things that are normally so easy like going to the pub with friends.Day 46: The day I have been counting down to, my plaster comes off today! I am to undergo a period of physiotherapy and must carefully manage how I put weight through my ankle again but this feels like a major step forward.Day 47 Onwards: I’m raring to go for a trek or cycle but I follow Doctors orders and take it easy.https://www.cheapoakleysunglasseshop.comI decide that when I am back up to full health again I’m going to treat myself to some new outdoor gear to go with my new ankle.

So, when you make your version of Ivy, ask which official story you’re paying homage to. Or, simply throw the established origin of the character out the window, and create something fitting for the world and game you’re playing in. She’s your character, so make her what you want her to be, and what fits the game you’re bringing her to..