But those changes beg

But those changes beg yet more questions about our liquor system. Here’s a round up of the top five liquor law peeves, and what is, or isn’t changing about them.1. They can buy that California Cabernet in the supermarket in Bellingham for $9. 'I can’t say I find that to be the case. I think good stories at heart are universal. You will always find the local angle and of course you want a show that absolutely reflects the voices and the souls of a particular country.

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Tony visits Jim and says there’s been no news on Ray, but the Tacoma Field Offices feel confident that he hasn’t left the state. Tony wants Jim to promise that once they’ve left for Bermuda he’ll tell Callie about Ray, which Jim does. Tony says he’ll keep an eye on Jeff while they’re away and will check to see if there are any of Ray’s former associates that live by Jim and Callie’s new house..

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