In Coquitlam

In Coquitlam, where organics are now collected weekly at single family homes, the city no longer allows plastic bags or cans without lids to be put out with organics or trash. Port Coquitlam commercial and industrials businesses have also called for more frequent collection than residences.

Supporters of the governor nominees say they believe On and Sultan were targeted, not because they were unprepared, disinterested, in experienced, not humble or disrespectful toward the Democrats on the committee, as the Democrats purported. Rather because both candidates had a background in accounting and were adept with numbers and budgets, something the Democrats feared would lead to the uncovering of massive fiscal improprieties at the University of Hawaii once they were actively serving on the board and had the expenditures available to them..

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And we know to make sure to check the vintages on the bottles we find on store shelves, thanks to a nasty incident two years ago that could have been prevented if we been using our heads. Bottles are all stored upright in Jamaica, and it hot there (which is why we go), so if the wine is more than a year or two old, the cork is likely to have dried out and the wine spoiled.