Mosaic officials say tests from wells

Mosaic officials say tests from wells on its plant show the spill has so far been contained beneath its property. Still, about 210 nearby residents have signed up to have their wells tested by Environmental Consulting and Technology Inc., a contractor hired by Mosaic. And three Lithia residents have already filed a federal lawsuit against Mosaic..

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On some recent models this amount of information allows you to limit the speed your child may drive your car with a specific key or even control how loud the radio can go. Also if your keys are lost or stolen, the lost key can be erased from your cars system without expensive mechanical re keying. Of course all of this technology costs money.

Most likely they deliberately ran the company into the ground, to make its shares as cheap and undesired as possible. I am willing to bet certain people bought a LOT of amd stock prior to the announcements and demos of zen. The share price fluctuation will likely move a lot more money than selling actual products would.